When Will We Be Invisible

Jenna, age 23. Basically, this blog is just a whole lot of yelling about the dumb things that I enjoy. I'm a former cast member of the place where dreams come true, a cosplayer, a writer, an anime nerd, a gamer, and a Homestuck. If you wanna know more, check out my about me, drop something in my ask, and/or check out my frequently used tags.

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bat(s) in the cave



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oh dear


oh dear


another one of nekozneko designs that i really liked the first being this one

i miss homestuck =~= my birthdays coming up again so it feels appropriate to draw aradia again for the occasion

Sooooo hype for all of this. God bless Sephora.

I look professional as heck today. Thanks @chiarafashion <3

Evan got me my own Toothless for my birthday. Luckily, he and Rex seem to be getting along just fine so far <3 #weareadultsipromise


I swear I’m not even two minutes in and I couldn’t resist.


Team Gents || Team Lads


Banette by HorrorDance

Hanging out with Zesty and Oreo is one of the perks of spending weekends at Evan’s.

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