When Will We Be Invisible

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bat(s) in the cave

My new little chibi Mothra figure that I am super in love with, courtesy of Evan. 私のモスラとボーイフレンドが大すきです <3

Evan made me watch Godzilla: Final Wars with him last night so I would better understand his burning hatred for it and I’m still so upset and offended by that God damn movie what an absolute clusterfuck of masturbatory offensive nonsense.

Ray’s breakdown in Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #3

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norikotakayas replied to your post: “Someone else from my graduating class in high school just got…”:
omg earlier I went on fb and some girl I went to hs with was like I SAID YES TO THE DRESS!!! and i literally just left fb like bye

omg right like if that’s what y’all wanna do and you feel ready, then go for it, I guess, but I could never imagine marrying ANYONE this young and while I’m still in school and workin’ at the fuckin’ mall.  Baby steps to becoming an adult pls.

Someone else from my graduating class in high school just got engaged.

Dang, y’all, slow your fuckin’ rolls.

They’re starting to play trailers for the new Godzilla movie on tv and I’m just like lol I don’t care about any of these people, show me Godzilla, damn it.


i still don’t understand the whole “fake geek girl” thing like????

oh, you caught me dude, I stayed up till 6am reading a 50,000 word fic about tony stark and steve rogers having butt sex just to impress you


what palette should I use today?? 💅💅💅 #newmakeup #makeupwhore #jeffreestar

aquariantides replied to your photo: “Question: why should I care?”:
norikotakayas replied to your photo: “Question: why should I care?”:
oh my fucking god I am laughing so hard

I don’t understand why this was necessary like ?????  What is the point?

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what are you reading because my library’s copy of Plath’s The Colossus has this towards the very back.
It’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo.  It’s all about people from an impoverished town in India; I’m reading it for my soc. class.  I have never seen something like this in a book before, though.  I still don’t understand why it’s even in there.

Question: why should I care?

My Hot Pocket is trying to seduce me.

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i realize that marvel has an official tony stark twitter but why don’t they have an official steve rogers twitter where all his tweets are just confused sentence fragments





thanks joffrey

What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?


Just fuckin’ dominating my Seminar I English class. (at Bunce Hall)